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Here at Bespoke Oak we can manufacture a wide range of internal and external doors, whatever size and style you require. All of our doors are built to last with the finest quality of wood and craftsmanship, drawn from many years' experience making bespoke door designs.

We can offer anything from French doors, to patio doors and even sliding doors. We can even design doors that are bespoke in a wide range of styles. You may favour a simple and traditional style door, or perhaps you would prefer a more ornate, intricate and complex door.

Our doors can come in a range of different timbers, like oak and ash (hardwood styles) and Douglas fir (softwood styles.) All doors are constructed with traditional mortice and tenon joints and are expertly finished to the highest of standards. They will also be fitted with glazing of your choice and a different range of locking mechanisms are available to ensure the doors meet security and practicality requirements. We can help you to find the perfect door that compliments the character of your house. With the right door, you can transform the look of your house; you can create a stunning entrance or you can construct innovative, modern and stylish spaces inside your property.

For more information about our wide range of doors or to discuss your perfect door demands, contact us today to speak to a friendly and professional member of the Bespoke Oak team of joiners in Stoke on Trent.

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