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Reclaimed Materials

Here at Bespoke Oak we are passionate about caring for the environment and recycling materials. This is why on as many projects as we can, we use reclaimed materials for new designs.

The act of reusing old wood and materials, treating it and making it into something new and innovative is something that our joiners in Stoke on Trent are highly experienced in. It not only acts as an environmentally conscious service, but also saves money. This cost saving is passed onto our customers.

We can manufacture a wide range of goods with reclaimed materials, such as internal and external doors, windows, flooring and even furniture - whatever size and style you require. The items are just as durable and long lasting, as well as easy to maintain as new material goods. The materials can be crafted into a range of styles, from contemporary and modern designs to intricate and traditional styles. We can help you to find the perfect solutions made using reclaimed materials that compliments the character of your house.

Whether you are looking for bespoke gates, units, tables, radiator covers, chairs or skirtings, our professional team of joiners in Stoke on Trent can design and manufacture your furniture the way you envision it with this eco-friendly method. We will keep in close contact with you throughout the design and manufacture of your product, so you can keep updated with its development.

For more information about our wide range of products using reclaimed materials, contact us today to speak to a friendly and professional member of the Bespoke Oak team of joiners in Stoke on Trent.

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